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Challenges for Mums Returning to Work

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For many new mothers the thought of returning back to work can seem like a daunting task. Whether through choice or necessity, most mums will go through the emotional upheaval of having to deal with the change in leaving the little ones behind. Not only that, but after being out of the work place for a fair amount of time, it is bound to affect and knock the confidence of anyone returning to work.

Joanna Puczkowski, life coach at Horizons Regained advises a planning approach to help you boost your confidence and get you back on track to the work place.

Here are her top ten tips:

Assess Your Current Situation
Did you have a job before you became a mum? Is it something to go back to or do you want a new approach?

Define Your Goals
Is it more important to you to work close to home or do you want to be back on the career ladder and aiming for promotion in five years time? Decide when you want to work and how much you need to earn.

Give Your Goals A Time Limit
In six month's time I want to be back in part-time employment.

Research And Considerations
If you're going back to your previous line of work, update yourself on what's been happening since you've been away and contact friends for updates. If you're looking to get into something new, take professional advice or speak to anyone with expertise in the new field. Consider also the options here for part time work, working from home etc.

Consider who will look after the baby once you return to work? Do you have friends or family that can help? Can you afford childcare? If you intend to work from home do you have all the available equipment and skills?

Note The Wider Implications
Who or what else will be affected? Do you need to have any refresher courses or training? What are the contingency plans if your child falls ill?

Create An Action Plan
Define your plan to get back into work into smaller steps with realistic timelines. This will be more manageable, less daunting and you can celebrate each small success, eg. update your cv, finish a refresher excel course, prepare for an interview etc.

Ask For Help
Ask friends and family to support you as you put the action plan together. This way you'll cover all the details and get reassurance too. Use books, the internet and support groups for assistance too.

Monitor Progress
Be sure to continually assess the plan. Circumstances may change and you may need to adjust accordingly.

Celebrate each of the smaller steps in the action plan and prepare a celebration when you find yourself back in the working world.

Horizons Regained can provide a return to work coaching package, to help you succeed in taking that all-important step. Visit for more details.

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