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Don’t forget time is running out for the Reception and Year 7 Transfers for 2016 intakes

School Admissions

For many parents September is all about settling their children into the new school term.  But did you know that time is fast running out to apply for a place for the Reception and Year 7 transfer to secondary school intakes for 2016?  Applications for state primary schools open at the start of the autumn term and close on 15th January 2016. Applications for secondary schools close on 31st October 2015.

New law on smoking in cars "doesn't go far enough"

Smoking ban in cars

With the introduction of £50 fines for people who smoke in cars carrying children only a matter of weeks away, there's appetite among the general public for a complete ban on smoking behind the wheel.  After 1 October, anyone caught smoking in a car carrying persons under the age of 18 is liable for a fine, a penalty that applies to both the smoker and the driver, a national car leasing company warns.

Over 8 Million UK parents admit to leaving young children along in the car

New research from Kwik Fit Insurance Services has today revealed that almost one quarter UK parents – equivalent to 8.1 million people – have left young children alone in the car in the past whilst out running errands. As we hit the peak of school summer holidays the UK, research has also revealed that while parents generally leave their children for only a few minutes, they can often return to interior damage, car alarms going off or fist fights!

Inventors Wanted by M&S

Inventors wanted

If your kids are looking for something to keep them occupied over the holidays, why not challenge them to think up a clever new invention for school uniform?

Young people worried online reputation may affect their future but Mum seeing their posts was the biggest fear

Nearly half of young people are worried about a social media post embarrassing them in the future, according to independent research from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Education and Skills Group.  The survey of 15-22 year olds across the UK looked at attitudes towards social media and how young people thought it could affect their future.

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