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The Benefits of Music for Autistic Children

Music is a powerful source of communication because it has the ability to reach anyone and everyone.  Quite like nothing else, exposure to music on a regular basis allows people of any age, gender, with or without learning difficulty, deafness, blindness or other disability, to experience its effects in some way.  Even though music is usually associated with being something you listen to with your ears, there are a series of pitches that can also be felt by touch, such as the vibrations caused when a drum is played which can be of great benefit to children with an auditory disability.

Families urged to “Do1Thing”


Children could help their families save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills by logging on to a new website. has been launched this month by Circle Housing which provides homes to nearly 200,000 people across the country.  Research by Circle Housing found that 2.5 million British households planned to take out a loan last winter to pay for their energy bills. The affordable housing provider now hopes to show families how they can save more than £200 a year by inspiring children aged 10 and under to make simple energy saving changes.

Your essential guide to cutting the cost of Christmas

Xmas Deals

Christmas is a time of fun and festivities, but it can also be stressful, especially if you’re tight on pennies.  More of us are finding Christmas an expensive time of year, which leaves many of us with overdrafts or debts to repay afterwards.   Recent statistics suggest that 50 per cent of families will take until next June to clear their Christmas debts, with the average adult borrowing £685 over the festive period.  With this in mind, it makes sense to find ways to cut the cost of Christmas so we don’t suffer a festive hangover.

Phones, Playstation 4s and Ugg Boots top this year’s most ‘Risky Christmas Gift List’

Get Safe Online, Barclays and Kaspersky have drawn up the most ‘Risky Christmas Gift List’ in a bid to prevent honest consumers falling victim to Christmas cyber-crimes this year. According to police figures from Christmas 2013, mobile phones were the most popular online purchase targeted by fraudsters trying to lure in victims.  Get Safe Online, Barclays and Kaspersky are urging shoppers to stay vigilant when shopping online and think before splashing out on ‘too good to be true’ bargains online.

Burglars looking to cash in on Black Friday purchases


BURGLARS are looking to hit the jackpot as Black Friday bargains and Christmas presents boost the value of home contents by more than a third this week, home security experts have warned.  Millions of pounds will be spent buying Christmas presents this week as most of the UK gets its monthly pay-cheque and scoops up  bargains in readiness for Christmas.

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