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Drivers face new crackdown on motorway speeding

Drivers on motorways around the UK are facing a much greater risk of being fined for exceeding the 70mph speed limit.  This is due to the roll-out of the Smart motorway scheme, in which varying speed limits are enforced at different times of day to help smooth the flow of traffic.

Parental Leave, Shared Parental Leave, Paternity Leave....confused? Read on…

For babies due on or after 5 April 2015, there's a big shake up in parental rights which will give parents lots more options.  But exactly what is changing, and what is staying the same?

Soaring child care fees sees cost of raising a child hit £229,251

LV Insurance

The cost of raising a child in the UK from birth until the age of 21 has climbed to £229,251, an increase of 63% since 2003. According to the annual ‘Cost of a Child’ report from protection specialist LV=, costs associated with raising children have increased at almost twice the rate of annual inflation over the last 12 years.

The perfect Mother-Daughter relationship

The perfect daughter speaks to her mum every day, shares a love of soap operas and gets on well with all her mum’s friends, a new survey has found. Researchers revealed she will also take her dear old mum out for a girly lunch once a week and will always be available in an emergency.

The Top 5 Things Busy Mums Lose on the Morning Run

Lost keys

Recent research based on 100,000 consumers by Chipolo, the wearable Bluetooth tracking tag, has found the top belongings busy mums are most likely to lose on their morning runs.  Unsurprisingly, house and car keys make up nearly 40% of all misplaced items, somewhat diminishing the triumph of finally getting the kids in the car. Calling work or friends to tell them you’ll be late because of all the searching you’ve been doing might be off the table: 32% of frequently misplaced tech items are mobile phones.