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Phones, Playstation 4s and Ugg Boots top this year’s most ‘Risky Christmas Gift List’

Get Safe Online, Barclays and Kaspersky have drawn up the most ‘Risky Christmas Gift List’ in a bid to prevent honest consumers falling victim to Christmas cyber-crimes this year. According to police figures from Christmas 2013, mobile phones were the most popular online purchase targeted by fraudsters trying to lure in victims.  Get Safe Online, Barclays and Kaspersky are urging shoppers to stay vigilant when shopping online and think before splashing out on ‘too good to be true’ bargains online.

Burglars looking to cash in on Black Friday purchases


BURGLARS are looking to hit the jackpot as Black Friday bargains and Christmas presents boost the value of home contents by more than a third this week, home security experts have warned.  Millions of pounds will be spent buying Christmas presents this week as most of the UK gets its monthly pay-cheque and scoops up  bargains in readiness for Christmas.

Child Rescue Alert - Please Register

CHild Rescue Alert

New figures released by the National Crime Agency show that there were 306,000 missing person incidents in the UK last year and two thirds of these incidents involve children - the most vulnerable members of our society. The Agency said that every five minutes a child is reported missing in the UK, 89% of all these missing incidents are resolved quickly within 48 hours.

Picaloulou Finds A New Way Of Doing Business

Children’s knitwear designer and founder of - Shireen Cunliffe has found a new way of funding her business that engages with customers in a very personal and modern way.  Well known for their premium handmade knitwear and accessories made from natural and sustainable fibres, Shireen wanted to develop a more affordable range of machine knitwear that was still made in UK factories to the same high standards and with a clear provenance of yarns. The problem, as with most small businesses, was funding the production runs. tells drivers to STRIP OFF and stay safe this winter

In autumn and winter you are 11% more likely to have a car accident due to road conditions than you are in spring or summer, with a third of accidents in the colder months being attributed to the road environment, or weather related issues.  With the winter weather well and truly on its way, most people are thinking of wrapping up and keeping warm but, the UK’s second largest car search response network, is urging drivers across the country to use its handy STRIP OFF guide to help them stay safe on the UK’s roads.

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