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Report reveals contamination lurking in the family home, spread by children’s poor hygiene habits

Experts warn parents to be on high alert as winter vomiting bug season approaches to avoid the spread of harmful germs in the home.  New research reveals a third of parents admit not educating their children how to wash hands properly.

Pet beats partner for one in ten women

One in ten women claim they love their PET more than their partner, a study has revealed. Nearly a third said their levels of love for their pet were exactly the same as those they harboured for their husband or boyfriend.

Mr/Mrs Right live only 40 miles away…

If you’re looking for love, you shouldn’t have to travel too far – because the perfect partner lives just 41 miles away, a survey has revealed. Researchers polled 2000 devoted adults in a relationship to pinpoint the distance between them and their other half when they first met.

Half of men struck by ‘illness’ women wouldn’t even mention

Women have a higher pain threshold than men – and are less likely to moan about coughs and colds this winter, research has revealed. A study of 2,000 adults found women generally suffer in silence when struck down by bugs and or viruses.

World Prematurity Day

During the winter season, parents with small babies will be wondering how to keep them healthy and safe from common winter illnesses. Because babies born prematurely are at higher risk, Bliss and Tamba are joining forces to provide this checklist for preventing winter viruses on World Prematurity Day, 17 November.

Keeping this simple advice in mind will give all parents the confidence to care for their new babies during the coming winter months.

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