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Christmas Titbits That Are Toxic Treats for Pets

Christmas means indulging in our favourite festive foods. During the party season the majority of us tuck into a traditional meal of turkey, figgy pudding and snack on chocolate, Christmas cake and mince  pies,  whilst enjoying a tipple or two!  Pet owners, naturally like to share the spirit and treat their pets to a few titbits but they should be careful. Burns Pet Nutritions annual census revealed that many dog owners weren’t aware of some of the foods that can be harmful to their pooch. They should also beware as their pets can be quite canny at pilfering these delicious delights when their back is turned! Many poisonous foods feature heavily during the festive period which can have adverse effects on your dog.

Your essential guide to Christmas entertaining

A recent study from Rural Retreats has shown that we are so overworked during the run-up to Christmas that the festive season has become something we dread.  45 per cent of us regularly work between 6-12 months without a break, meaning that by the time the festive season rolls around many of us feel stressed and burnt out. However, for many, Christmas holds its own unique pressures, especially around entertaining for the extended family, guests and unexpected visitors!

Putting empty sweet wrappers back in the tin tops list of festive fallouts

Six out of ten Brits will fall out with members of their family this Christmas – with empty wrappers being stuffed back into the chocolate tin among the most common triggers, a study found. Research carried out among 1,000 adults also found not mucking in with the after dinner clean-up to be a major bone of contention amongst families, with wasting food another issue.

Web searches for children’s toys on top sellers list results in images of drug-taking, gun violence and sex

Children searching the web for the toys predicted to be the biggest sellers this Christmas are at risk of being exposed to inappropriate, adult images including drug-taking, gun violence and sex, warns Kaspersky Lab. Researchers from the internet security expert found that searches for some of this year’s most popular toys often reveal erroneous and disturbing images on the first page of Google web or image search results.

Security Advent Calendar: 24 Tips to Avoid Christmas Cyber Attacks

There are plenty of threats around at Christmas time and 2013 will be no different. Criminals will seek to exploit any device they can, from smartphones to laptops. But you can save yourself some stress this holiday season by taking on board some of these tips from Kaspersky Lab security experts.

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