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Five ways to give your bank balance a boost over the Christmas period

Energy bank

From switching gadgets off stand-by, to turning your thermostat down by just one degree, small changes at home can make a big difference to your bank balance over the festive season.  With December being the most expensive month of the year, uSwitch’s Consumer Expert, Tom Lyon has detailed his five top tips to help you make big savings this winter:

Give your dog the best nutrition you can this Christmas

Healthy Dog

As we prepare for Christmas, it’s important that we remember to keep our pets safe during the festive period. Indulgent human food can be toxic for our four-legged friends, so while we may think a bone or gravy may be a special treat, it could have serious consequences for the health of our dogs.

New software protects children from rumours that Santa isn’t real

Real Santa

An innovative piece of software has been launched today that will protect children from the rumours spreading around the internet that Santa isn’t real. Its release follows new research by revealing that 3.3 million youngsters have seen their belief in Father Christmas come to an end because of something they’d seen online.

Top charities urge parents across the UK to support first aid in schools

The British Red Cross, British Heart Foundation and St John Ambulance are urging parents across the UK to support a campaign to get first aid taught in all secondary schools in England.  Every Child a Lifesaver, backed by Labour MP Teresa Pearce, offers a one-off opportunity to equip a new generation of first-aiders with the skills they need to make a difference. The charities are calling for people to email their MP’s to back  the Emergency First Aid Education Bill.

Can you believe Half of Teenagers Have Never Written a Letter

A new study released today has highlighted tumbling interest in writing amongst teenagers, sparking concerns for the future of handwriting across the UK. The research has revealed that half of 13-19 year olds have never written a thank you letter, 83% have not written a love letter and a quarter have never even written a birthday or Christmas card.

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