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Prepaid cards offer peace of mind for parents as their kids set off for university

Many parents are bound to be worried about their children’s finances when they head off for university, but PrePay Solutions, the European leader for prepaid services, may have the answer. By providing university students with prepaid cards, parents can be sure that their children always have easy access to the funds they need to buy the essentials – without overspending or running up loads of debt.

Students twice as likely to lose part of their tenancy deposits, warns The Deposit Protection Service

The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) has warned students renting accommodation that they must act now to ensure that their deposits will be returned at the end of their tenancies after figures revealed they are almost twice as likely as other tenants to face deductions.  As part of tenancy agreements landlords and letting agents take a deposit from tenants to guard against loss and damage, and by law they must protect the money through an authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme such as The DPS, the UK’s largest.

Freshening up: modern day student twice as likely to un-tag embarrassing photos from social media than buy a dictionary

As students across the nation get set for university Freshers’ Week, Currys PC World reveals that it’s not just the infamous ‘Freshers’ Flu’ they’re prepping for – it’s how they appear on social media.  Once upon a time it was all about joining the right societies and signing up to all the relevant sports teams, but for the class of 2015 online profiles are just as important. A survey of 1,500 students conducted by Currys PC World reveals that for this year’s intake, un-tagging embarrassing or unflattering photos on Facebook is twice as important as buying a dictionary

Don’t forget time is running out for the Reception and Year 7 Transfers for 2016 intakes

School Admissions

For many parents September is all about settling their children into the new school term.  But did you know that time is fast running out to apply for a place for the Reception and Year 7 transfer to secondary school intakes for 2016?  Applications for state primary schools open at the start of the autumn term and close on 15th January 2016. Applications for secondary schools close on 31st October 2015.

New law on smoking in cars "doesn't go far enough"

Smoking ban in cars

With the introduction of £50 fines for people who smoke in cars carrying children only a matter of weeks away, there's appetite among the general public for a complete ban on smoking behind the wheel.  After 1 October, anyone caught smoking in a car carrying persons under the age of 18 is liable for a fine, a penalty that applies to both the smoker and the driver, a national car leasing company warns.

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