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Do you really know what your child is getting up to on their smartphone?

There's no doubt that smartphones are the must-have accessory of this generation, but have you ever wondered what your child is so distracted by, as they sit tapping away on their smartphone for hours?  In order to find out, online mobile retailer, e2save surveyed children and their parents to find out exactly what they’re spending their time on.

Just 16% of parents score full marks in 11 Plus Quiz

Are you as smart as an eleven year old? That’s the question Explore Learning has been asking Families readers across the country. The leading extra tuition provider quizzed more than 5,600 parents to see how they fared with the types of questions that thousands of primary school pupils face every year in their 11 Plus exams. Just over one in ten parents scored a confident 100% whilst a quarter of parents failed to achieve even 50% - a testament to the level of ability and skill that is required to pass the challenging entrance exams.

Child care - Tyre care: TyreSafe launches campaign to remind drivers to be tyre safe when driving with children

TyreSafe, the UK’s tyre safety charity, is launching a new awareness campaign aimed at all those who drive with children on board. Children can clock up around three hours a week in the car with their parents and around 96 hours per year with grandparents at the wheel. Friends, childminders and guardians may also be regularly transporting kids of all ages to nursery, school, clubs, parties and other activities. Worryingly, more than one in four carers may be driving with illegal or poorly maintained tyres.

Little white lies never hurt anyone… and it’s a good job, with the average mum telling a whopping 255 each year!

A fib, a porky, a whopper…however you label it, telling the odd ‘little white lie’ to your children can be crucial to helping parents get through the day, and a new study has now revealed that the average mum tells an astonishing 255 each year – that’s almost five each week! The report, released by Interflora, questioned 1,500 mums around the UK as part of its Mother’s Day (26th March) celebrations, and saw 60% admit the odd porky pie can help make their home life significantly easier – preventing tantrums (35%), encouraging an early bedtime (34%), stopping them watching too much TV, (24%), or even helping them to eat their greens (17%).

Beards, Boiled Eggs and Bagels: Brit Kids Reveal their Weird Childhood Fears

Spiders, dogs and the dark are among British children’s biggest fears – while beards, boiled eggs and bagels are among the most peculiar, according to new research.  Other common phobias in the top 40 include monsters under the bed, clowns, going to the loo and the tooth fairy.  Some of the more unique fears experienced by some kids include buttons, gravy and the sound of cutlery rubbing together – while one child is scared their hair will blow off whenever it’s windy.

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