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'Dry Like Me' prizes!

For anyone planning to tackle potty training this summer, help is at hand from the authors of an award-winning book ‘How to Potty Train’ and their free online summer advice ... [Read more]


Sweet Summer Treats from Sun-Maid

Summer has finally arrived and while we are looking forward to dusting off our BBQs and starting a season of summer garden parties, the last thing we want to be doing is slaving... [Read more]

Mums-to-be planning conception – around weather, weddings and work

Half of modern mums are meticulously planning the timing of their new arrival around weather, weddings and work commitments, a study has found. Researchers found the excitement of discovering a new baby is on the way has been replaced by an operation reminiscent of a military manoeuvre, involving times, dates and even locations.

Children's Charity Urges UK Workforce To Put The Kettle On And Enjoy A Scrumptious Cream Tea

Action Medical Research today launches its 2014 traditional cream teas in a box - delivering direct to workplaces throughout the land on Thursday 19 June.  Hailed by previous customers as the "perfect treat in a box", the organisers are urging all to treat themselves and indulge in one of their Cream Teas. So, schedule in that well deserved tea break to bond with colleagues over a brew whilst doing your bit for charity.

Breakthrough study shows pupils with Epilepsy struggle at school

Young people with epilepsy are unnecessarily falling behind at school and beginning their adult life at a disadvantage, according to research to be launched in Parliament today (March 24) by education and medical charity Young Epilepsy. The findings show that 95% of UK children and young people of school age with epilepsy struggle in at least one area of learning or behaviour, and 40% are functioning in the learning disabled range.

27 ‘I hate you’s and 71 sulks – a year of bringing up a teenager

Bringing up a typical teen involves 59 slanging matches, 70 requests for money and 27 ‘I hate you’s – every year,  new research has revealed. Each teen year, parents can also expect to be answered back 95 times, suffer through 71 sulks and be subjected to 21 threats to leave home.  The full extent of the hard work involved in raising a teen emerged following a detailed study carried out among 1,500 parents who either have or have recently had children aged between 13 and 19.

The Naked Truth About British Women's Weight Loss Antics

This March, the SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative team has joined forces with celebrity healthy cooking guru, Nadia Sawalha to show women that weight management doesn’t have to be stressful with the Small Steps campaign. From stripping completely naked to blow drying wet hair and even breathing in, British women go to extreme and somewhat bizarre lengths to think themselves slim, according to new research released yesterday by the SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative team

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