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'Dry Like Me' prizes!

For anyone planning to tackle potty training this summer, help is at hand from the authors of an award-winning book ‘How to Potty Train’ and their free online summer advice ... [Read more]


Sweet Summer Treats from Sun-Maid

Summer has finally arrived and while we are looking forward to dusting off our BBQs and starting a season of summer garden parties, the last thing we want to be doing is slaving... [Read more]

Caroline Aherne provides voiceover for Childhood Eye Cancer Trust film

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) has launched an online video campaign to raise awareness of the impact of retinoblastoma, a form of eye cancer that typically affects young children.  Caroline Aherne, the writer, actor and comedian, has provided a voiceover for the film. Caroline and her brother were both diagnosed with retinoblastoma as babies and the disease is thought to have contributed to her recent contraction of lung cancer, for which she has received recent treatment.

One in five children miss eye tests

The study of 1,500 parents and teachers, conducted by Redshift Research, showed more than one in five children aged between one and 13 have never had an eye test, with the main reason given by their parents being that they ‘don’t seem to have a problem with their eyes’.

Research shows almost quarter of kids don’t know who England’s patron saint is

On St George’s Day, a study by Fun Kids Radio – the UK’s dedicated children’s radio station – has found that almost a quarter of children [21 per cent] have no idea who St. George actually is. Although nine in ten children had heard of St George, when asked who he was, the survey of over 200 children aged four to fourteen reveals that:

six per cent thought he was a king
two per cent thought he had gone to the moon
one respondent even believed that he was ‘a person on Xbox’

Don’t poison the pooch this Easter!

Easter has just passed and this is a reminder that  Chocolate is harmful to pets.  Burns Pet Nutrition’s annual census recently revealed that many dog owners aren’t aware that chocolate is harmful to their pooch. But they should be vigilant, as mans best friend, can be quite canny at pilfering delicious delights when their back is turned!

Harvester Is Named UK's Best Family Restaurant Two Years In A Row

Harvester Restaurants is celebrating after being named the UK's best family restaurant for the second year running by leading baby charity Tommy's.  Harvester, which has 212 of restaurants across the UK, learnt of its success after the national baby charity announced the winners of its 19th Tommy's Awards at an annual ceremony held at the Landmark Hotel in London.

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