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The right for parters to take unpaid time off to accompany the expectant mother to antenatal appointments

From 1 October 2014, an expectant father or the partner (including same sex) of a pregnant woman will be entitled to take unpaid time off work to accompany the woman to up to 2 of her antenatal appointments. “Partner” includes the spouse or civil partner of the pregnant woman and a person (of either sex) in a long term relationship with her. The right applies whether the child is conceived naturally or through donor insemination. It also extends to those who will become parents through a surrogacy arrangement if they expect to satisfy the conditions for and intend to apply for a Parental Order for the child born through that arrangement.

Schools across the country unite to make a noise about bullying

Playground Bully

At 11am on 26th September 2014, school children across the country will collectively take a stand to help eradicate bullying with the launch of First News’ Stamp Out Bullying campaign. This Guinness World Record attempt will see pupils stand up and stamp their feet for 30 seconds to make a noise about the cause and help to raise awareness that more needs to be done to find a nationwide solution.

London's New Year's Eve celebrations to be ticketed for the first time

London's hugely popular and internationally acclaimed New Year's Eve fireworks celebrations are to be ticketed for the first time, Mayor Boris Johnson announced today. With plans well advanced for 2014, the Mayor wants to ensure London's celebrations, which are watched by millions of people in the UK and across the world, will offer revellers the safest and most enjoyable event imaginable in the longer term.

No more lost property toys as Butlins launch new ‘Bear Care’ initiative for families

Butlins BEARS

EVERYONE knows that toys have the most fun when children play with them, but on those exciting days out when teddy can’t come with you, what does teddy get up to, and how do we make sure he doesn’t feel lonely? Well children across the country heading to Butlins can now feel safe in the knowledge that their most loved toys will now be able to have as much fun on holiday as they are – as Butlins, the UK company which has been adding sparkle to family breaks for more than 75 years, is introducing a new Bear Care initiative – a dedicated day care service for toys.

Mums confess to telling holiday untruths

School gate untruths

One in five mums admit to telling white lies in the playground to exaggerate how good their summer break was.  That’s according to a new poll by travel website who quizzed mums on the lies they told and why.  Top untruths were about the holiday accommodation, the weather and how well their kids behaved.  Whilst many were genuine about where they went, some mums confessed to telling others they stayed at a nicer hotel, or a better location within a resort.

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