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Top Ten Things Parents Disagree On

How to discipline your children, giving in to tantrums and one of you saying yes to a child when the other just said no are amongst the top things parents are most likely to disagree about, research has revealed.  The study commissioned by found the average parent will argue with their other half eight times a month about something to do with bringing up their children, and the topic to most likely cause one of these rows is how to discipline their child.

Majority of parents want life saving lessons included in school timetables

Most parents  feel that their child should be taught basic first aid as part of the national curriculum, according to the first aid charity St John Ambulance.  Its research also found that nearly two-thirds of children have no life saving knowledge at all, leaving them without the skills to deal with basic emergency situations such as identifying if someone is breathing or how to help someone who is choking.

Majority of mothers claim pressure to breastfeed has gone too far - as young mums launch “Brelfie backlash”

Breast may be best but the pressure to breastfeed is now so great that mums who bottle-feed their babies are almost a third more likely to suffer abuse in public than those who nurse naturally, a shock new study reveals.  Following a high-profile campaign to get more mums breastfeeding - including women posting breastfeeding selfies known as ‘Brelfies’on social media and protests at a stores accused of not supporting nursing mums - public opinion has now turned hard against mums who bottle feed their tots.

Little adventures made easy…

With the summer holidays just around the corner, LittleLife has put together a selection of its top tips to ensure that your break gets off to a great start. Combining their experience as parents with their knowledge as product designers, the team at LittleLife has developed a whole host of clever and convenient products that are designed to make life on the move with your little ones as easy and stress-free as possible!

15 mum hacks you won’t be able to live without

Being a mum isn’t easy, whether it’s the sleepless nights, encouraging your kids to eat new foods or the bottomless pockets of cash you need.  Now the money saving team at has come up with 15 mum hacks to make life a little cheaper and a lot more fun.

Among the tips are freezing yoghurts to make picnic ice blocks, turning a paddling pool into an indoor ball pit and using cookie cutters as door lockers.

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