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National Bedwetting Awareness Day - A Third of Children Fearful of Sleepovers & School Trips

A new report released today reveals that 46% of parents admit their child is still wetting the bed at night when they have started reception class, yet only 9% would discuss this with their friends and other parents. In children over the age of five, wetting the bed during sleep is recognised as a medical condition and can be treated.

Busy mums can now claim cashback on their shopping with the new CheckoutSmart website

Busy mums with bulging shopping lists and hectic schedules can now get cashback on their favourite brands quicker and easier than ever. CheckoutSmart, one of the UK’s leading grocery cashback apps, has announced the launch of its new desktop website, making it easy to check in and cash out on the go, on the school run, at home or at the office.

Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited Adds New Content Line-Up for Kids Aged 9-12

Amazon Fire

Amazon has recently announced that Fire for Kids Unlimited—the all-you-can eat subscription designed from the ground up for kids and their parents—is getting even better. Amazon is adding even more new videos, educational apps, games and books to Fire for Kids Unlimited—without raising the price.

Education expert says Forget what you’ve learned about exams

School exams

When it comes to revision, many students are relying on old-fashioned techniques and outdated methods that if anything could be doing more harm than good.  By trying to memorise facts off by heart in intensive “cramming” sessions, student fail to gain a true understanding of the subject, according to tutor and software entrepreneur Murray Morrison.

Pension rule changes one year on give rise to generation-skipping pension pots

New research commissioned by Investec Wealth & Investment has found that almost half of savers with private or workplace pensions plan to leave at least part of their lump sum to their children when they die.  The findings come one year on from new rules allowing retirement nest eggs to be passed down the tax-free for those dying under 75.