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One in three mums forced back into work – because partner’s income isn’t enough

One in three mums has been forced back into work – because their partner’s income simply doesn’t stretch far enough, a study has revealed. The research found that one in three has even had to cover up money worries from friends and family to avoid awkward or probing questions.

UK schools Dress Up and Dance to make a difference for Macmillan

Macmillan Cancer Support is excited to announce that their nationwide fundraising initiative, Dress Up and Dance will return to schools and nurseries across the UK on Friday 20th June 2014. The dance extravaganza, which asks children to don their finest dancewear in return for a £2 donation to the charity, was an incredible success in 2013, with over 910 schools raising more than £92,000.

One in five are a ‘secret smoker’

One in five Brits is a secret smoker, new research has revealed. Experts who carried out a detailed report found that while around one in ten adults is an open and honest smoker, almost twice as many keep their habit from their friends, family and colleagues.

A Dog’s Dinner – roast dinner and steak among the delicacies dished out to pets

Bangers and mash, roast dinners and steak have emerged among a list of a list of common meals – consumed by the nation’s DOGS. Researchers found three quarters of the country’s canine owners regularly serve up top quality meals – usually in the form of left-overs – to their pets.

Average home hoarding £400 of post-Christmas clutter

The average British home contains £400 worth of post-Christmas clutter – including unused gadgets, books and DVDs, it has been revealed. Researchers also found sports and exercise equipment such as bikes, tennis rackets and golf clubs will also have been consigned to the cupboards along with unwanted board games.

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