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Top 25 reasons to give up a diet

Boredom, will power and cost have been revealed to be among the main reasons women use to quit a diet.  New research has found that rather than sticking to a diet, millions of women will find any excuse to have a day off whilst on a diet, or even quit altogether, because they are finding it too difficult to stick to.  ‘I was eating out and couldn’t resist’, ‘I was in a bad mood with my partner’ and even ‘life is too short’ are also some of the defences used when stopping a diet.

Lie-ins, restaurants and nights-in with the other half – the things mums miss most after baby

Lying in bed, uninterrupted nights with the partner and eating out in restaurants are among the things new mums miss the most after giving birth, a study has revealed. Researchers found that while they surround themselves with their new baby in the first weeks, mums can’t help but miss parts of their ‘old’ life, with sleepless nights meaning simply lying in bed is the thing most new mums crave.

Toast Jenga

An eager dad has found the ultimate way of getting his children to eat breakfast – by creating toast JENGA.  Dad-of-two Wayne Stephenson, 41, stacks his soldiers like wooden bricks used in the popular game to get his daughters Kesinee, three, and one-year-old Elania to eat the most important meal of the day.

One in four women are shopping addicts does this include you??

Apparently a recent study has revealed that one in four women are addicted to shopping.  Research into 2000 women revealed that 45 per cent of UK females said they get a genuine rush of excitement when they purchase new clothes, shoes and accessories and a third said that nothing beats the buzz of strutting out of a shop swinging a bag full of new purchases.

Two thirds of men would be happy to be a stay at home dad

Two thirds of men would be happy to be a stay-at-home dad, a study has revealed.  Despite mums traditionally dealing with the majority of childcare, three quarters of men say they would be happy to quit work during their son or daughter’s first year so that their partner can return to their job, instead of taking the usual period of maternity leave.

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