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Big Energy Saving Week 2015: Interior tips to help you cut your energy bill

Energy Saving Week

The winter months are creeping up on us and even the most stubborn among us may have started to dig out the thick coats. But while the temperatures may be dropping, there is always the concern that energy bills could rise. Not only will more people be switching on the thermostats, but at the end of September, 24 fixed-rate energy tariffs came to an end. According to This is Money, some households could face price hikes of 25% on their energy bills as a result.  Between October 26th and 30th, the UK will mark 'Big Energy Saving Week 2015', so what better time to start making a few energy-saving tweaks in your home?

How to Manage the Clock Change with Children

Children thrive on routine and can be very sensitive to even the smallest of changes to their normal schedule. The clocks officially fall back on 25th October 2015 at 2AM, and the general rule is that you should start preparing your little ones around a week in advance. Depending on your child you can change bedtime by 10 minutes per day over 6 days, making sure to add 10 minutes, so a 7pm bedtime becomes 7.10pm and so forth.

Your Service Centre Gatwick launches airport advice guide for half term

With millions of families planning on a trip away for the forthcoming half-term, Your Service Centre has launched a downloadable guide to help parents be better prepared when travelling through Gatwick.  The free guide has been created by Your Service Centre Gatwick which operates in partnership with Skybreak, one of the leading customer service and travel recovery companies within the UK.

It’s spoons at the ready as the ‘Home of Halloween’, The York Dungeon hopes to carve out a new Guinness World Record!

The York Dungeon is getting into the spooky spirit this Halloween and attempting to create the longest line of carved pumpkins the world has ever seen!  The Guinness World Record attempt will take place on Saturday 17th October from 10.30am – 2.30pm and the attraction is looking for as many people to get involved as possible – 1,511 in fact!

Prepaid cards offer peace of mind for parents as their kids set off for university

Many parents are bound to be worried about their children’s finances when they head off for university, but PrePay Solutions, the European leader for prepaid services, may have the answer. By providing university students with prepaid cards, parents can be sure that their children always have easy access to the funds they need to buy the essentials – without overspending or running up loads of debt.

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