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Tailball Light reviewed by MumKnowsBest

What is it...

A sports game for children suitable for outside, either in the garden, at the park or at the beach.  Set includes two bats, a ball with tail and container to keep ball in.

Why MumKnowsBest loves it ...

My children had a great time playing with the Tailball Light - it has similar shape bats to those used in the Swingball game (as it's made by the same company) so they are light and easy to use.  The ball is very light too and has a paper tail attached to it, making it easier to see when playing, and when it gets lost in the garden it was also easy to find again.

The game appealed to smaller children as it is easy to use, but older children enjoyed playing with it too as they made up their own rules for different games to use the bats and ball with.  We only had a problem with it when it was a windy day - due to it being so light it went over the fence a couple of times!

The game is easy to take out and about, and can be played by adults too.   Also, as it didn't take any time to put together or get ready, it was nice to just pop into the garden for a quick game when time was short.

RRP:  £12.99

Mum Knows Best Rating: 

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