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Review - Night Night Timmy & Lulla-Baah Timmy

What is it ...

An interactive soft Timmy sheep with attachable teddy bear, great for bedtime.

Why MumKnowsBest loves it ...

This really is a sweet toy, firstly he is so soft and cuddly you just can't help yourself giving him a squeeze.  Then he comes to life, all your child needs to do is press his hoof and he starts baaaing, then when he is laid down to sleep his eyes close and he nods off.  It's not an instant nodding off though, he baahs a bit more  before snoring and the occasional baah.   This gradaully goes off, hopefully your own child is nodding off and keeping still so that Timmy doesn't wake up.    He then stays asleep unless you press his hoof hard, so it doesn't set off snoring in the middle of the night!

The children who used this toy really loved it, for adults it was a bit annoying when he kept baaing but that was because the button was being pressed all the time, eventually they let him go to sleep!

Timmy also has his own little sleep toy, a little bear which attaches with velcro to Timmy's hand.  Even better, batteries included!

RRP:  £17.99

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                      LULLA-BAAH TIMMY

What is it ...

A cuddly, soft Timmy toy which sings a lullaby, with a snuggle blanket too.

Why MumKnowsBest loves it ...

Our little reviewer loved this little Timmy, mind you he is a major Timmy fan!   With big eyes and a most adorable expression, Timmy has a very soft belly which when squeezed the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star comes out, Timmy then nods off and snores gently.  We found this a great bedtime toy, coming with a little blanket with glow in the dark stars.  My nephew found it great fun to lay Timmy down to sleep and cover him with his blanket, then lie next to him with the duvet so they are snuggled up together and then squeeze him so they can both go to sleep together. 

A great hit!

RRP:  £14.99

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