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Review - Big Farm Land Rover & Bobcat Excavator

What is it...

A range of Big Farm toys featuring well known branded names such as Land Rover, Bobcat, John Deere, in a 1:16 scale, featuring great attention to detail.

Why MumKnowsBest loves it...

We found this to be a great range of toys, for age 3+ but appealing to an older child too, and to Dads of course.   All the range is very sturdy and practical and has some great features which are very close to the original vehicles. 

Firstly the Land Rover Defender was a great machine.  Some features are the removable roof at the back to enable you to fill up with farming supplies, a towbar to attach a trailer to if you have one, rubber wheels, and a steering wheel which actually moves the wheels! 

If you add batteries you also get the added feature of a horn and lights.  We thought it was great to play with even without these.

The Bobcat Compact Excavator was very functional, with a cab which swivels all the way around, fun caterpillar treads which do come off but can be easily put on again, a long movable arm with a good sized scoop bucket on the end.    This machine, rather more construction than farming, also has lights and sounds when the buttons are pressed on top of the cab.  You can also put a driver inside to drive it (a female driver in our case).

We found that these toys were enjoyed by older children as well as small ones and Dads.  There was good interactive play with just these two toys, and would be even more fun with more of the set.   As they are sturdy, traditional toys which will last they are well worth the money.

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RRP:  Land Rover Defender £21.99

RRP:  Bobcat Compact Excavator £19.99


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