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The latest cake craze - cake pops!

The latest craze from the US - Cake pops are easy to make and the little ones can have fun decorating them too

Recipe of the Week - Nutella Cake

knife in a jar of Nutella

Yes, it sounds so wrong but it tastes soooo right. Even if you're not a lover of Nutella, we challenge you to taste-test this delicious cake and not change your mind. With an all-in-one method, it's easy and best eaten warm from the oven....

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  • May - Mango
    sliced mango

    Mangoes are low in fat, cholesterol free and a 100g gram serving contains less than 85 calories. They are a great source beta carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A - essential for healthy eyes, skin and bones. Just half a mango counts as one of an adults five servings of fruit and veg a day and an averaged sized whole mango contains up to 40% of your daily requirement for fibre. Mangos are also a good source of tryptophan - a precursor for the ‛happy hormone; serotonin.

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  • Chocolate Fridge Cake
    chocolate slabs

    So many creative ways with chocolate

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  • Recipe of the Week - Veg Pasta

    For the veg lovers among us (and with diet resolutions steaming ahead) then this quick pasta dish has your name all over it.

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  • Celebrity baker, Jo Wheatley’s Top Baking Tips & Christmas Star Biscuits

    Celebrity Baker, Jo Wheatley’s Top Baking Tips & Christmas Star Biscuits


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