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Shoe Fetish

red clogs lined up in  row

So there I stood in the children’s section of the local shoe shop, second mortgage at the ready after purchasing another outgrown round of school shoes, trainers and pumps. How much? Bang goes my new leather boots for winter.

Since when did dressing our children’s feet become so expensive? I don’t want shoes with toys in the heel for an extra £10 premium. I don’t want extra in-steps at a cost. I don’t want flashing soles. I suggest that the £58 gorgeous brown, knee length leather boots don’t come in a wide enough fitting for my nine year-old daughter’s feet. The sales assistant nods knowingly but still manages to bring out the £70 UGG boots in her size. NO. Just Not Happening.

It doesn’t help that the school insist on black (easily scuffed, scraped and ruined) school shoes, proper outdoor trainers for athletics and then black pumps for PE and then what does she wear when she’s not a) at school b) in the gym or c) on the playing fields? Probably cheap alternatives - so what’s the point in having the feet measured and buying properly fitted shoes?

Boys are a little easier – black school shoes, trainers – done. And luckily he’s still young enough not to want a NIKE tick or whatever the latest logo happens to be. Or so I thought. It had to be a white trainer (the dirt) with a flashing heel because that’s what his best friend had. He’s SIX!

Too much choice, too much marketing and too much emphasis on brand. And God, I sound like my mother.

My slippered (old and chewed by dog) feet (aching and calloused) long for a comfy sofa and a good cuppa. I can’t afford anything else.



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