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A Nod to Father's Day

fathers day sign

I must be immune to the current Father’s Day merchandising. Without a World Cup, Rugby Six Nations or Cricket Grand Slam going on it all seems a bit low key. Not that I’m complaining – it’s nice to have a Dad’s day without the surrounding hype. So what can we do to pass June 19th this year? I have the usual ‘drink and football’ themed card and the children are set on making some sporting creation to reflect their father’s interest in all things that come with a ball and a bit of yelling. Bacon butties in bed, a slightly longer-lingering morning hug (with no sexual inuendos intended but no doubt read into).

Thing is, he’ll probably want extra attention on Father’s Day and somehow, I don’t think I’ve got any more room in my head to ‘pander’ a bit more to anyone. The two children and a part time/full time job and housekeeper/gardener take enough space.

A recent report suggests that many of us mums are up till the early hours catching up on ‘things’ – would that be facebook, twitter, natter or sleep? So to suggest that I’ve got time to curl up seductively on the sofa and gaze longingly at my husband on Father’s Day is just a Not Going To Happen. If I present him with a beer, curry and a vague suggestion that he can control the remote for the night – then he’ll love me forever and I can sneak off somewhere and do what it is that us mums are supposed to do when we have a moment’s peace – for me – that’ll be a cup of Yorkshire tea, a hobnob and a real, live, land-line chat with a friend – who is no doubt catching up on facebook and will ignore me until 3am when she can catch up on line...


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