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Half Term trips to see friends - how do you manage the journey?

Its Half Term and we dutifully fill each and every day up to bursting point...including a family trip to see friends. We are all so excited and merrily packing everything including the kitchen sink, however, what about that the burning question  - do we, or do we not take a DVD player for the journey?

Personally I have always fought it after years of looking into the car next door on the motorway and seeing the zombied children sitting in the back wired up to a DVD player, Ipod or CD Discman.  I was always more in favour of singing along to my parents dodgy music, drinking ribena and chatting about the antics of my beloved school friends!!!

However, my meaningful chats and singalongs had dried up before we hit the motorway, giving way to squabbles, upturned bags of food and a fruit shoot on the floor behind my seat enthusiastically spreading its contents on my carpets and JUST out of reach.

After three 'comfort breaks' and 4 hours for a 2 1/2 hour journey I feel I have to review my principles...maybe that DVD player ist such a bad idea?

Mum that wants to Know Best' x

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