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These Are The Top Aromas That Get Brits in the Mood for Love

Commissioned by Yankee Candle®, the research found 42 per cent of us associate our favourite fragrances with romance.


Dr Lynda Shaw, cognitive neuroscientist and psychologist, said: “When we inhale a scent it reaches the olfactory receptor cells at the top of our nose and then travels to the limbic system in our brains, resulting in chemical and physical stimulation.


“The limbic system is associated with memory, emotion and mood which therefore explains why our sense of scent plays such a powerful role in physical attraction.”


Other romantic scents to make the list include fresh linen, vanilla and coffee, along with chocolate, cherry and whisky.


Cinnamon, mixed spices and saffron feature too.


The research also found over three quarters of UK adults consider smell to be important in a partner.


Amid this, three in ten single Brits said not liking a date’s perfume or aftershave would be a major turn-off and ten per cent admitted this would also end any chances of a second date.


Thirty-five per cent of women said they find deep, woody fragrances most appealing on a partner and quarter a quarter find ‘fresh’ scents the most attractive.


While 24 per cent of men like ‘fresh’ scents too and 13 per cent prefer sweet scents such as vanilla.


Amid this 29 per cent of the population said autumn makes them feel more romantic than they do during the rest of the year.


While almost a fifth of single men and women are more likely to use a dating app to find a partner during the colder months.


The research also found the perfect autumnal romantic night in would feature a roaring fire, a home-cooked meal, movie – and a bottle of wine.


While our favourite things about the pre-winter months include cuddling up on the sofa, long walks and the changing colour of the leaves.


Having the heating on, watching movies at home and home cooking are also some of our most cherished things as the nights draw in.


Hannah Jenkins, Brand Activation and Channel Marketing Director EMEA Yankee Candle®, said: “Whether it’s the warm and vibrant colours of the leaves or the fruity and earthy scents of the forest, there is certainly something about the autumn season that is magically romantic.


"It is this feeling of love and contentment that Yankee Candle aims to capture in its new Fall in Love collection.


“For those looking for love, or hoping to reignite a sense of romance in their relationship, snuggling up on the sofa with a warm cashmere blanket and an ambient scented candle can help to soothe and seduce the senses and allow love to blossom as the colder weather sets in.”




1. Perfume

2. Log fires

3. Aftershave

4. Fresh flowers

5. Fresh linen/cashmere

6. Rain

7. Vanilla

8. Mulled wine

9. Bonfires

10. Mixed spices

11. Coffee

12. Cinnamon

13. Freshly washed clothes

14. Spiced apple

15. Freshly baked bread

16. Chocolate

17. Sunday roast

18. Cakes baking in the oven

19. Apple crumble

20. Gingerbread

21. Fireworks

22. Cherry

23. Leather

24. Leaves

25. Saffron

26. Whisky

27. Old books

28. Sparklers

29. Conkers

30. Biscuits

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