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Top Tips

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Food Intolerances Fact Sheet

What are food intolerances?   What is the difference between lactose allergies and intolerances?  Who suffer food intolerances?  Read out Food Intolerances Fact Sheet.

Nuts aid Weightloss

Many people watching their weight avoid nuts but according to a brand new study published in the Amercian Journal of Clinical Nutrition a handful of walnuts a day will not only significantly lower your cholesterol, they'll help to stabilize your blood sugars keeping you feeling fuller for longer and will not result in weight gain.

Why Go Organic?

organic vegetables

Protecting children - choosing organic means cutting out harmful chemicals in your food, such as pesticides, pesticide residues and herbicides (on average organic food has 95% fewer chemicals than non-organic foods).

Is my Child Eating Too Much?

girl eating happily

Q: It seems I have the opposite problem to most parents as my 5 year old little girl is a fabulous eater but I worry that she is eating too much. Should I restrict the amount of food I offer her? My doctor says she is the right weight for her height but obesity runs in both mine and my husband's family...

At a glance food labelling

food label


I am a busy working mum and tend to but quite a lot of my children‛s meals in ready made. I am a little worried though that they may be too high in fat, salt or sugar. Is there any easy way to tell at a glance how healthy (or not) a food is without spending valuable time scouring the ingredients lists and trying to decipher the information based on whether it is given per serving or per packet?