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Please sign the petition to get Cot Bumpers banned

Here at mumknowsbest we really need your help please, Preston (in the photographs) sadly died on the 11/09/2013 aged 9 months due to his cot bumper. His parents we were not informed by any authority of the dangers of cot bumpers and it cost their beautiful boy his life. Here at mumknowsbest we are helping to raising awareness so this tragedy doesn’t happen again.  Please please sign the petition at the bottom of this article to get Cot Bumpers Banned.

As a parent if there’s one mobile phone App you need then this is it!

Please Please read this - The amazing Lost Kidz app works on the premise that the sooner a large volume of people are looking for a missing child, the more likely they are to be returned to their parents unharmed. By issuing an alert, the parent ensures everyone within a 10 mile radius receives a picture of the missing child and an instant search party is assembled.  Parents pay a nominal subscription fee (69p) to register their children and it is free to join the community and receive alerts from your area. A donation from each subscription is made to the charity.

Bank of Mum & Dad- parents owed over £13 billion by their kids

British parents are currently owed more than £13 BILLION – by their own kids, a study has revealed. Researchers found that bad or non-existent credit scores and struggling to get approval on a loan or credit card means that more than a quarter of cash-strapped Brits have turned to their parents for a loan during the last 12 months.

If learning to tie shoe laces is becoming a chore you for your child, try out this guide and see if it helps!

Tying shoe laces is a big step in any child’s life, and can be quite a frustrating task. To help make parent’s lives a little bit easier, Charles Clinkard has produced a guide that parents can go through with their children to help them tie their laces. Here’s Clink the Caterpillar to tell you more...

40% of parents call for stronger focus on road safety

Four in ten parents believe introducing road safety to primary school lessons is the best way to improve children’s awareness of potential dangers, according to new research released today by Autoglass®, the country’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement specialist. The research, which surveyed parents with children between the ages of seven and thirteen, highlights the extent of parental concerns around teaching children how to use the roads safely.

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