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Keeping Paddling Pools Clean with Milton

Now the sun is shining and the paddling pools are out, mums are challenged with keeping them clean. Milton can be used to clean the paddling pool before or after use and pools should be cleaned up to once a week with a Milton solution to keep them germ free and safe for little ones.

Can You Afford University Fees for your Children?

With University fees a real strain on some families, any support for our children would be welcome. Tuition funding has always been a contentious issue and with more students applying for university places then ever, the news that Business Secretary Vince Cable is likely to suggest a graduate tax which could be brought in to make England's student funding system fairer and more sustainable could be a way forward.

Protect Youngsters' Hearing This Summer with MP3 Top Tips

Leading charity Deafness Research UK is releasing its top tips for the safe use of MP3 players in advance of the summer holidays – when more leisure time could lead to an increased risk of long exposure to dangerously high noise levels – particularly in youngsters. The top tips follow research by the charity showing too many people are putting their hearing at risk by listening to MP3 players too loudly for too long.