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A dad's role

A dad's role

a dad's role is vital in providing role models and the love and support of being a father

Single Parents

Single Parents

coping as one, the trials and tribulations of being a single parent

Working Mums

Working Mums

trying to enjoy the work/life balance of being a working mum

The Importance of Play...

toddler girl playing with playdough and rolling pin

There’s a great deal happening during playtime. Little ones are lifting, dropping, looking, pouring, bouncing, hiding, building, knocking down, discovering, exploring, and gaining dexterity and kinaesthetic experiences. Sue Atkins, our Parenting Expert shares her playful ideas with us...

School's Out

black board saying 'schools out'

So the Summer Holidays are here and we thought we'd ask our Parenting Expert, Sue Atkins for some advice to keep our brood chilled, entertained and happy over the next few weeks....

Language of Love

girl holding red love heart

In our modern society raising happy, confident, well balanced and emotionally healthy kids is often increasingly difficult. Kids seem to speak a completely different language when they are texting or chatting on the internet that is sometimes hard to understand yet one really important aspect to parenting is to meet your child's need for love.

Internet Prowlers

laptop with yellow tape around

new survey has revealed that almost a third of parents' worry that their children will be exposed to inappropriate content online (37 per cent). Despite these findings, 18 per cent of parents rely primarily on parental control software, rather than overseeing and regulating their children's internet use themselves.

Children and Pocket Money

little girl putting money in piggy bank

Children need to learn as early as possible the language of money and pocket money is a very useful starting point for teaching them about it. Children learn their attitudes and values towards money from you, as you are their first role model!

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