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Working Mums

Challenges for Mums Returning to Work

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For many new mothers the thought of returning back to work can seem like a daunting task. Whether through choice or necessity, most mums will go through the emotional upheaval of having to deal with the change in leaving the little ones behind.

Returning to work – flexibility worries for new mums

Many new mums face the tough decision of whether to return to work after they’ve had a baby.  For some it’s merely logistics and for others it’s yet another life-changing decision.  Add to that a whole host of other worries i.e. bills to pay, feelings of guilt towards a partner who is working full-time and the additional money pressures of surviving on one salary, and you’re mind and blood-pressure are racing before you’ve even started making plans.

One in three mums forced back into work – because partner’s income isn’t enough

One in three mums has been forced back into work – because their partner’s income simply doesn’t stretch far enough, a study has revealed. The research found that one in three has even had to cover up money worries from friends and family to avoid awkward or probing questions.

A quarter of working mums feel discriminated against by bosses

One in four mums who have returned to work believe they have been subjected to discrimination, either before or after the birth of their child, it has been revealed. Researchers found 51% feel their employers’ and colleagues’ attitude towards them changed when they fell pregnant, while two thirds said things have been ‘difficult’ for them since they returned from maternity leave.

Mums Beware - Students Are Heading Home with over 250,000kg of Laundry This Spring

British mums have a busy time ahead as My Ariel survey reveals that one in five students admit they don’t know how to use a washing machine, as they head home for the Easter holidays

Mum still knows best with 70% of students relying on mothers (or grandmothers) to teach them how to do their laundry;  over a quarter of students admit to wearing their clothes until they are grubby or even a bit whiffy; 22% of students only go near a washing machine when they start to run out of clothes and Londoners are not as clued up as their northern counterparts, as only 58% of London students know how to use a washing machine compared to 80% of Mancunian students


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