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Garden Glory

gardening tools lined up on grass

With all this gorgeous weather hanging around, I seem to have changed my ‘reluctant’ gardener mindset into a persona, strangely resembling a bra-wearing Alan Titchmarsh.

The Princess Syndrome

girl dressed in pink tiara and fairy wings

Basking in the glow of Friday’s Royal Nuptials, I couldn’t resist in the guilty pleasure of feeling like a princess for the day. I resisted the urge to don my wedding dress (mainly as it doesn’t go past my thighs any more).

Peaceful Mother's Day Please

red roses on mother's day

My needs are simple – all I want is breakfast in bed. Nothing fancy - no Eggs Benedict on my pillow, just some nice toast, thick with butter and jam and a builder’s mug of tea. Oh, and to be LEFT ALONE for just an hour.

Bread or Cake? The Lent Dilemma...

hot cross buns

The deprivation of a food group, alcohol or favourite pastime shouldn’t be too hard but already, I’m hesitating. Somehow, my willpower/staying power/motivation left me in the maternity ward several years ago. I’ve turned into procrastinor rather than terminator.

Mums New Clothes

canvas pumps on sunny grass

With all the lovely floral numbers in the shop windows, I’m wondering at what point I should be out of boots and scarves and into that ‘between season’ area of my wardrobe.

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