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Peppa Pig and Me Personalised Books

This personalised book is perfect for Peppa Pig fans, as not only is it a Peppa Pig book but your child is featured on every page!

When you order your book you are able to personalise your childs image with skin, hair and eye colour and hair style. In the text your child's name is printed on lots of pages so you child will be thrilled with seeing themselves in the story with one of their favourite characters. There are 24 pages so there is lots of opportunities to see your child in the book.

The story follows your child arriving at Playgroup for the first time at Peppa's playgroup, and is great for when your child is starting nursery or school for their first day.

My niece loves this book, and received it a week before she went to nursery for the first time, and she was thrilled to see her own name in a book for the first time.


RRP: £14.99 + P&P




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