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Eight out of ten mums shun traditional advice for parental tips online

Plusnet study reveals majority of UK mums [99%] spend their daily ‘me time’ online and 41% shop online to save time.  With a staggering eight out of 10 [82%] mums relying on the internet for parental advice, it is clear that the internet is the ultimate secret to success for a modern-day mother.

4 and a half months nattering to mum

The average woman will spend the equivalent of four-and-a-half months of her life chatting on the phone - to her mum.  Research revealed most women make at least one call a day to their mum with the conversation lasting 21 minutes.  Incredibly, one in ten ring their mother at least three times a day, spending a total of 63 minutes chatting

Kids each junk food at friends’ houses

One in three mums dread their children going to friends’ houses for tea – because they know they’ll be fed junk food and sweets.  Researchers found millions of mums worry that allowing their child to eat with a classmate or playgroup pal means they will miss out on healthy food and instead come home having been served up fatty, fast or frozen food, fizzy drinks, cake and ice cream.

Over Half Of UK Adults Played Outside Everyday When They Were Young, Compared To Just 24% Of Kids Today

The nation's favourite adventurer, Bear Grylls, teams up with Persil to get kids back outside and learn forgotten childhood skills.  Today's children are spending significantly less time than their parents did having adventures outside and, as a result, have missed out on learning the great outdoor skills that were once taken for granted. Over half of UK adults played outside everyday when they were young, compared to just 24% of kids today; a decline of almost half.

Perfect night’s sleep

The key to a perfect night’s sleep is going to bed at exactly 10pm, wearing pyjamas and enjoying a nice cup of tea beforehand, it was revealed yesterday.  A study of 2,000 adults who claim to enjoy a wonderful sleep every single night of the week has highlighted how to achieve a decent slumber.

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